is a family foundation set up by Roman Zhavner, a corporate lawyer, private collector and art curator.

We are interested in local artists who represent urban contemporary art scene in Russia. Our approach is to meet with the artists, keep in touch with them, support them by purchasing their works and help them show their talent through exhibitions, art festivals, art fairs, and other events.

Our foundation started to buy art in 2018. The collection has reached 200 pieces in the first two years and keeps growing as of today. It currently includes drawings, paintings, sculptures, prints, and other objects by more than 80 local artists. The collection also includes pieces by the well-known masters from all over the globe as the examples of international urban contemporary art scene.

In September 2019, we sponsored and curated Urban Omsk, our first exhibition. It took place in a XIX century building of Omsk State Museum of Fine Arts named after Mikhail Vrubel. Being visited by almost 6,000 people in 30 days, it became the first major urban contemporary art show in Siberia.

There is yet no permanent facility to display our collection. Still we are always happy to show the art pieces to those interested through exhibitions and other events, as well as via our Instagram account.

We are open for suggestions and appreciate your interest and support.